रविवार, मई 16

Congratulations, Shan!

We did it once again!!! Shanu, our son, successfully completed his second academic year in a foreign land which is now slowly becoming our home. He had to work really hard between learning Spanish, adopting new learning styles, making a place in the city soccer team. Didn't get the food he liked everyday, missed his old friends and family sometimes, but with some support, he kept the focus and succeeded.

It has been difficult for him to find friends in the school because of the vast difference in theie background and the worldview. But Shan being Shan kept on working on it. He learned the new language, learned a new sport, learned new mannerisms and retained his inner beauty and eventually founds friends amongst strangers.

Shanu's success in Puerto Rico does not belong to him alone but also to the most beautiful gift that this land has given him, his Boricua grandparents, Toñita and Benjamin. They provided him with the intellectual and physical nourishment in addition to what he got from home and school.

Joe and I watched him everyday, became the bad guys when needed and celebrated his presence each day. His grandma and uncles are overjoyed with his success and all of us look forward to many more in future. His grandfather Jerry, from the heavens above, must be happy to see his blessings at work.
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