शुक्रवार, फ़रवरी 26

Where is the time to cry?

There is sadness, there are challenges, and there are events that shatter us and the people around us. We also have the choice to cry over these things or to move on making a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Everyday brings opportunities to do special things for people around us. It is our choice to spend another day or to make it special and memorable for somebody.

Decide today how do you want to spend this day? Which life would you like to touch today? Who would benefit from a smile? Whose life would receive warmth with a cup of coffee? Whose life will be filled with fragrance with a flower bud? Who can you prevent from stumbling by lending your hand?

If we ask questions like these everyday and attempt to respond to them, where is the time to cry for our miseries?
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